Ed Scarborough’s Oil and Gas Biography

Two of the most important industries in the history of the United States of America are mining and construction. Mining (for coal at first but then oil and gas) is what allowed the United States to enter it’s industrial revolution and expand its national wealth, power, and influence in a matter of decades. Oil and gas also allowed for a flourishing construction industry based around building home and towns for those working in the mines as well as for those who suddenly had more money due to the rising economic fortunes of the country. Ed Scarborough has had years of experience in the oil, gas, and coal mining industry and is an example of the industrious spirit that made this country so great.

Ed Scarborough: Mining and Construction


As a family man with ties to Virginia, Edmund Scarborough has spent years learning the insides of the mining industry from one of the places it was born; and he’s still at it. Ed’s first success in the business world came when he launched, managed, and was president of Scarborough Civil Corp, a company focused on highway construction and underground utilities that was based out of Winter Haven, Florida.  Ed has been able to combine his experiences in the construction and mining fields and work on a number of projects that bring the two together in a mutually beneficial way; for example, Ed has been instrumental in helping to build oil and gas main transmissions throughout the midwest and much of the country.

Along with his work at Scarborough Civil, Ed Scarborough is also the President and General Manager of IBCS Mining, Inc. Among his many responsibilities, Ed has made sure he’s been able to continue working projects that pertain to mining as well as to construction that has to do with oil and gas. He has been in charge of overseeing and developing major projects involving natural gas and oil as well as the transmission lines and gas mains that allow them to be shipped all over our country.

Ed Scarborough’s Certifications

Ed Scarborough also has a number of professional certifications and affiliations that speak to the quality of his work and his desire to constantly improve. To that point, Edmund is currently taking online courses to get a certification in business and construction law as well as working towards getting his re-certification in project management from the Project Management Institute, the world’s leading non-profit project management association. Along with his certifications, Ed also holds impressive affiliations with groups such as the National Mining Association, the American Coal Foundation, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Federal Highway Spec Committee amongst a number of others. Ed is also proficient in a number of workplace technologies and has a portfolio that is available on request.